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The Federation fosters Jewish communal life through the spirit of tzedakah (righteousness) and tikkun olam (social justice). The Federation's mandate is to initiate, to coordinate and to preserve activities, which strengthen Jewish life locally, in Israel and throughout the world.



Eileen Freed
​734-677-0100 ext 215


    Jeffrey Barnett, Barry Nemon, Renee Pinsky and Jonathan Trobe, Co-Chairs

    Henry Appelman, Honorary Chair

The Maimonides Society takes great pride in the many contributions of our community's physicians and dentists, whose skill and compassion do so much to care for those in need.


Named for Rabbi Moses ben Maimon (also known as Maimonides or Rambam), this society is the place for physicians and dentists who are committed to tikkun olam (repairing the world).


We are proud to recognize the dedication of these donors who contribute gifts of $1,800 or more to the Annual Campaign of the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor. The names of Maimonides Society members making donations greater than $3,600 are listed in our prestigious annual Roll of Honor.


Larry Adler
Henry Appelman
Herb Aronow
​Stefanie Aronow
​Steve Aronson
Laurence Baker
Nancy Barbas
Jeffrey Barnett
Ronald Benson
Neal Blatt
Dean Brenner
Arnold Coran 
Michael DiPietro

​Stuart Dombey
Stanton Elias
Gary Freed
Bruce Friedman

Douglas Gelb 
Steven Goldstein 
Radmira Greenstein

Samuel Hirsch
Phillip Kroll
​Steven Leber
Allen Lichter 
Paul Lichter
​Ben Margolis


Phillip Margolis
David Markel
Sheldon Markel
Newell Miller
Arnold Monto
Barry Nemon
Audrey Newell
Gilbert Omenn 
Mark Orringer
​Owen Pearlman 
David Pinsky 
Renee Pinsky
Bertram Pitt

Elaine Pitt
Douglas Quint
Leslie Quint
Murray Rebner
Amnon Rosenthal
Jonathan Rubin
Joel Saper
Donna Shewach
Monica Starkman​
Julie Stein Perry
Robert Stoler
​David Stutz
​Alan Sugar
Jonathan Sugar
Larry Tankanow
Jonathan Trobe
Marti Walsh
Stephen Weiss



Steven Acker
​David Beltzman

Elissa Benedek​
John Billi
Paula Bockenstedt
Devin Brown

Charles Ellis
Stephen Feinberg

David Fox
Susan Garetz
Lynn Gessner
Jayson Greenberg
Barry Gross

Hilary Haftel
Samantha Hendren
Sheryl Hirsch


Roger Hitchcock
Paul Izenberg
Jeff Leflein
Robert Merion
​Stephen Modell
Stephen Rosenblum
​Joel Rubenstein
Rosalyn Sarver
Brian Schapiro

Richard Swartz
Edwin Tobes
Neal Weinberg
Elisabeth Weinstein

Eric Young